Zhi Shi (Immature Fruit of the Bitter Orange)

Zhi Shi (Immature Fruit of the Bitter Orange)

Herb 19 of 19 in Herbs that Regulate the Qi

Slightly Cold Zhi Shi (Fructus Immaturus Citri Aurantii)
Bitter, Spicy, Slightly Cold
Fructus Immaturus Citri Aurantii
Tone Marks:
zhĭ shí
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Chinese Herb Actions

  • Breaks Stagnant Qi and Reduces Accumulation
    Treats epigastric or abdominal pain and distension. Used for indigestion and focal distension with gas, belching, and foul breath. Effectively treats constipation, abdominal hardness, distension and pain, dysentery, and tenesmus.
  • Transforms Phlegm and Relieves Distension
    Treats chest and epigastrium focal distension and fullness. Treats Xiong Bi (painful obstruction of the chest), coronary heart disorders or angina, poor appetite, shortness of breath, fatigue and weakness due to phlegm accumulation and Heart Yang Deficiency. Also used in cases with heat in the body, abdominal fullness, gas, pain, and irregular bowel movement.

Chinese Herb Contraindications & Cautions

  • Use caution during pregnancy
  • Use caution in cases with Spleen and Stomach Deficiency

Herb-Drug Interactions

  • Section not completed...

Chinese Herb Toxicity & Overdose

  • Minimal
  • Section not completed...

Chinese Herb Dosage

  • 3-9 grams in decoction (Bensky)
  • 3-10 grams in decoction (Chen)

This Herb Appears in the Following Formulas:

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