About Sacred Lotus

About Sacred Lotus

Why Sacred Lotus?

Sacred Lotus Arts was founded in 2001 with the vision of fusing the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the interactive and organizational potential of modern technology. The journey of absorbing and comprehending Chinese Medicine generally requires simultaneous cross-referencing of multiple textbooks to get the details needed to deepen one’s understanding of the art's inter-relationships. Sacred Lotus Arts enables students and practitioners to navigate and access these complex inter-relationships with unprecedented ease and clarity.

Sacred Lotus Arts integrates TCM’s teachings by letting computers handle the relationships. This means that for the first time, volumes of information can be searched, compared, and combined in a way that helps to organize, rearrange, and quickly answer complex related questions.

For example, consider the following three questions:, "Which aromatic Chinese herbs enter the Lung channel? What categories are those herbs in? Which formulas contain those herbs?" One can arrive at the answer to these questions with a few clicks of a mouse, rather than the time it takes to look up the relevant information in the appropriate books. It goes (almost) without saying that one must know the appropriate and wise questions to ask in order to arrive at answers that have real value.

The study of Chinese Medicine can be an overwhelming and intense experience. This is in part due to the extensive volume of information and the relative brevity of most college programs. On top of this, licensing exams encourage memorization of vast amounts of information, which is not necessarily supportive of long term retention or integration of the content.

There are tools that can guide us through the more complex landscapes of Chinese Medicine. If you understand how TCM is organized, present the material to yourself in as many ways as possible, and cultivate a genuine command of theory and foundations, you are well on your way to a richer relationship with TCM and its subject matter. Sacred Lotus Arts is committed to helping students become more efficient, confident, and ultimately successful test takers. Sacred Lotus Arts is equally committed to facilitating the cultivation of the lifelong path of becoming a more masterful practitioner.

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