General Deficiency and Excess of Yin and Yang

General Deficiency and Excess of Yin and Yang

Quality of: Excess Yang - Acute
(Excess Heat Condition)
Yin Xu - Chronic
(Deficient Heat Condition)
Excess Yin - Acute
(Excess Cold/Dampness Condition)
Yang Xu - Chronic
(Deficient Cold Condition)

Normal: Moderate

Rapid, Strong.

Rapid, Weak.

- Could Be Thinner


Slow, Weak.

Normal: Pink/Light Red

Red Body, Yellow Coat

Yellow Due To Heat Burning Body Fluids.

Red Body, Thin/No Coat

Light Mild Heat/Slow Boiling Heat.
Map Coating (Partial Peel: Only Part Of Tongue Has Coat).

Pale/Pink Or Purplish/Bluish Body.

- Poss. Thick Coat

- Poss. Swollen
Thickness Due To Excess Body Fluids.

Pale Body, Thin/White Coat (Normal), Flaccid.

- Poss. Teeth Marks Over Months Or Years

Not Excess Or Additive Cold, More Of A Xu Cold.
Has Nothing To Do W/Yin Fluids.
Water Metabolism Slows, Causing Chronic Water Retention Problem.



- Poss. Dryness

Only Cheeks Red.

- Poss. Dryness


- Poss. Swollen




If Inflammation Is Involved There Will Be Burning Sensation.
Any Burning Sensation Is Usually Associated W/Heat.

Red, Dry.

Dryness Due To Fluid Xu, And Heat Excess.

Edema Around Eyes.

Dark Circles.

Dark Circles Due To Slow/Poor Circulation. Kidney Involved: Kidney Qi Xu, Or Kidney Yang Xu.


Red, Inflamed.

- Poss. Skin Rashes

If Patient Sweats, It Will Be A Profuse Sweat.

Dry Skin.

- Poss. Rash, But No Puss Or Wounds

- Poss. Sweat, But Only In Late Afternoon, Or At Night

- Poss. Five Palm Heat

Oily Skin, Body Odor, Pale.

- Poss. Rashes W/Puss If There Is Dampness

- Poss. Cysts, Masts, Edema Due To Fatty Tissue Stagnation

If There Is Sweat, It Will Be Greasy And Oily.
Dampness Tries To Protect The Evil By Pulling It Down, Inhibiting Sweat From Benefiting Fever Condition.

Spontaneous Sweat W/Wo Exertion.

Notes: Door Is Open, Functional Yang Energy Xu, So Sweat Leaks Out.


Strong/Loud Cough W/Phlegm.

- Poss. Yellow, Green, Or Brown Phlegm. Indicates Infectious Disease

- Poss. Blood

Weak/Dry Cough.

- Poss. Aftermath Of Illness

Smokers Cough.

Profuse Thick White/Clear Phlegm.

Shortness Of Breath, Difficulty Breathing, Or Weak Shallow Breathing.

Asthma Has Both Lung And Kidney Xu.


Very Rapid/Strong Beat.

Stimulants Such As Coffee & Cigarettes Are Excess Yang Additives Into The System.

Rapid/Weak Beat.

- Poss. Discomfort/Pain Around The Heart

Very Poor Blood Circulation.

- Poss. Heart Pain

- Congestion: Blood Clots Due To Blood Stagnation

Heart Failure Prevalent.

When There Is Stagnation There Is Pain, No Stagnation, No Pain.


Weak Heart And Low Functional Energy, Lots Of Heart Problems.

- Poss. Skipping Heart Rates

- Poss. Cardiac Pain, And Cardiac Failure




Patient May Eat A Lot, But Do Not Gain Weight

Hungry, But Can Not Eat.

- Poss. Gas, Bloating, Abdominal Pain, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea

Deficient Fluids (Insufficient To Digest Food).

Very Low Appetite.


Crave Foods That Create Dampness, Such As Raw Or Greasy Foods, Makes Patient Feel Comfortable. Could Be Cause Of Illness.

Very Low Appetite, No Energy To Eat/Digest.

- Poss. Undigested Food In Stool


High Thirst, Likes High Quantity Of Cold Drinks.

Thirsty, Sips Cool Drinks, But Can Not Drink Very Much.

Might/Might Not Have Low Thirst.

Low Thirst, Likes Warm Water.


Bloating, Stool Will Be Dry, W/Difficult Bowel Movement, Extending Pain, Sharp Pain, Does Not Like Pressure, Does Not Like Heat.

- Poss. Burning Diarrhea Associated W/Damp Heat Or From Extreme Heat Stagnation. Truly A Constipation Condition Where Only Fluids Can Be Passed (Appears To Be Diarrhea), But Solids Are Not Passed


Do Not Give Patients Warm Water Or Spicy Foods.

Dry Hard Stool (Chronic). Dull, Achy Abdominal Pain, W/A Little Burning Sensation. Likes Pressure, Does Not Like Heat.

Sticky Stool W/Mucus, Poorly Formed. Abdominal Pain. Does Not Like Pressure. Likes Heat.

- Poss. Diarrhea

Weak/Slow Digestion. Mild, Dull, Achy Abdominal Pain. Likes Heat, Likes Pressure.

- Poss. Early Morning Diarrhea. Lowest Environmental Yang.

Kidney / Bladder
(Water Metabolism)

Dark, Scant, Yellow Urine, Strong Urinary Track Inflammation (UTI).

- Poss. Extending/Sharp Pain


UTI Symptoms: Urgency, Frequency, And Burning Sensation.

Scant, Light Yellow Urine, Low Grade UTI.

- Poss. Chronic

Copious Urination, Light/Whitish Colored.

- Poss. Cloudy Or W/Puss Due To Dampness

Copious, Clear, Frequent, Usually Night Urination.

- Poss. Feeling Of Not Being Finished, Due To Lack Of Functional Energy


Kidney Yang Deficiency Problem.


Strong/Excess Sex Drive

- Poss. High Chance Of Contracting Illness (Fatigue, PID's, STD's, Prostatitis)

- Poss. Hormone Imbalance

Slightly Higher Sex Drive, But Tires Easily (Hard Time Performing).

- Poss. Vaginal Dryness

Prone To STD's, Yeast, Infections, Warts, Cysts.

Low Sex Drive, Can't Perform.

- Poss. Infertility, Premature Ejaculation, Nocturnal Emissions, Low Sperm Count

Normal: Regular, No PMS, No Cramps, No Clots, No Spotting

Very Red Color, Short Cycle.

- Poss. Early Menstruation (5 To 7 Days)


Blood Is Either Dried Up In A Short Cycle, Or Heavy Due To Pushing Force Of Heat.

Brown Or Dark Red, Scanty.

Dark Purplish, Long Period Or No Period Due To Excess Fluids Or Cold Respectively

- Poss. Blood Clots

Long Cycle, Thin, Or Light Colored, Delayed Menstruation.

- Poss. Skipping Cycle (No Cycle)


Does Not Like To Sleep, Toss And Turn, Restless.


Coffee Is A Good Example Of Excess Functional Energy Added To The System.

Trouble Falling Asleep, Symptoms Worse At Night.

- Poss. Day Time Naps, Easier To Fall Asleep


Blood Deficiency.

Wants To Sleep, Groggy After Sleep.


Clear Yang Gets Pulled Down By Dampness.

Wants To Sleep A Lot, Likes To Take Naps, And Always Feels Better After Sleep.


High Level Of Energy, Restless.

Restless, But Exhausted. Tired, But Cannot Sleep.

Often Feel Tired, Lethargic w/no Motivation.

Weak, Due To No Functional Energy, True Weakness.


Angry, Anxious, Agitated, Restless All The Time.

Angry And Anxious, But Less Energy Behind The Emotion.

Clinical, Mental, Or Neurological Disorders.


Two Types Of Mental Illness. Phlegm Misting The Heart: Not Social, Hide In A Corner. Phlegm Heat Attacks/Invades The Heart.

Sad, Depressed, No Motivation, Cannot Interact, Afraid, Low Self Esteem.


Loud, Rapid, Talks A Lot.

Speaks Quickly, But Not Loud Or Strong.

Slow Speech, Heavy Or Phlegmy Voice, Speech Disorders, Esp. W/Tongue Swelling.

Slow And Weak. Mainly Yes Or No Answers.

Body Temperature

Hot, High Fever, Sensitive To Heat.

Low Grade Fever, 5 Palm Heat (Also called 5 Center Heat).

Cold, Sensitive To Cold.

Very Cold, Sensitive To Cold.

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