San Leng (Bur Reed Rhizome)

San Leng (Bur Reed Rhizome)

Herb 19 of 34 in Herbs that Invigorate Blood and Remove Stagnation

Neutral San Leng (Rhizoma Sparganii)
Bitter, Spicy, Neutral
Rhizoma Sparganii
Tone Marks:
sān léng
Three Edges
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Chinese Herb Actions

  • Breaks Blood Stasis, Moves Qi, Relieves Pain
    One of the strongest herbs for Blood Stasis, it is reserved for severe pain with palpable masses. Also for amenorrhea, dysmenorrheal, postpartum abdominal pain, and abdominal masses.
  • Dissolves Accumulations
    For Food Stagnation and Qi Stagnation resulting in severe abdominal pain and distention

Chinese Herb Contraindications & Cautions

  • Do not use during pregnancy. This herb has been shown to cause teratogenic (birth defects) effects.
  • Do not use for patients with hypermenorrhea

Herb-Drug Interactions

  • Section not completed...

Chinese Herb Toxicity & Overdose

  • None Noted
  • Section not completed...

Chinese Herb Dosage

  • 3-9 grams in decoction (Bensky)
  • 3-10 grams in decoction (Chen)

This herb antagonizes or is antagonized by:

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