Chinese Herbs that Stop Bleeding

Chinese Herbs that Stop Bleeding

There are 19 Herbs that Stop Bleeding

Ai Ye (Mugwort Leaf, Artemisia)
Mugwort Leaf, Artemisia
Bai Ji (Bletilla Rhizome)
Bletilla Rhizome
Bai Mao Gen (Woolly Grass Rhizome)
Woolly Grass Rhizome
Ce Bai Ye (Biota Leaves, Leafy Twig of Arborvitae)
Biota Leaves, Leafy Twig of Arborvitae
Da Ji (Japanese Thistle, Cirsium)
Japanese Thistle, Cirsium
Di Yu (Burnet Bloodwort Root)
Burnet Bloodwort Root
Fu Long Gan (Ignited Yellow Earth)
Ignited Yellow Earth
Hua Rui Shi (Ophicalcite)
Huai Hua Mi (Pagoda Tree Flower Bud)
Pagoda Tree Flower Bud
Jiang Xiang (Dalbergia Heartwood)
Dalbergia Heartwood
Lian Fang (Mature Lotus Receptacle)
Mature Lotus Receptacle
Ou Jie (Node of the Lotus Rhizome)
Node of the Lotus Rhizome
Pu Huang (Catail Pollen)
Catail Pollen
Qian Cao Gen (Madder Root, Rubia Root)
Madder Root, Rubia Root
San Qi (Notoginseng Root, Pseudoginseng Root)
Notoginseng Root, Pseudoginseng Root
Xian He Cao (Agrimony)
Xue Yu Tan (Charred Human Hair)
Charred Human Hair
Zi Zhu (Callicarpa Leaf)
Callicarpa Leaf
Zong Lu Pi (Trachycarpus Stiple Fiber)
Trachycarpus Stiple Fiber

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