Dong Gua Pi (Winter Melon Peel, Wax Gourd Peel)

Dong Gua Pi (Winter Melon Peel, Wax Gourd Peel)

Herb 10 of 28 in Herbs that Regulate Water and Drain Dampness

Cool Dong Gua Pi (Exocarpium Benincasae)
Sweet, Bland, Cool
Exocarpium Benincasae
Tone Marks:
dōng guā pí
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Chinese Herb Actions

  • Promotes Urination, Clears Heat, Reduces Edema and Swelling
    For edema usually due to damp heat, abdominal distention, urinary difficulty and summer heat disorders.

Chinese Herb Contraindications & Cautions

  • None Noted

Herb-Drug Interactions

  • None Noted

Chinese Herb Toxicity & Overdose

  • None Noted
  • Section not completed...

Chinese Herb Dosage

  • 15-30 grams in decoction 12
  • 15-30 grams in decoction 13

Chinese Herb Notes

  • Dong Gua Pi has a mild harmonizing effect and is usually used with other herbs that promote urination and clear heat

Chinese Herb Clinical Studies & Research

  • Anti-angiogenic effect of the seed extract of Benincasa hispida Cogniaux.
    J Ethnopharmacol. 2005 Mar 21;97(3):509-13.
  • Antioxidant and angiotension-converting enzyme inhibition capacities of various parts of Benincasa hispida (wax gourd).
    Nahrung. 2004 Jun;48(3):230-3.
  • Extracts of Benincasa hispida prevent development of experimental ulcers.
    J Ethnopharmacol. 2001 Dec;78(2-3):159-64.

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