Review: Yunnan Baiyao

Review: Yunnan Baiyao

Reviewed by Sacred Lotus on: 02/26/2013

Truly amazing. No medicine cabinet or first aid kit should be without Yunnan Baiyao. Putting it on cuts or traumatic injuries not only stops bleeding and prevents infection, but also alleviates the pain and quickly heals the injury. It has both anti-bacterial and homeostatic properties. If you don't have Yunnan Baiyao in your home, office, or first aid kit, go buy some today.

Yunnan Baiyao was invented in 1902 by a Chinese herb collector named Dr. Qu Huanzhang. He was said to walk the land in Yunnan, tasting thousands of herbal medicines. Its effectiveness became well known in World War II, and later in the Vietnam War, where American's witnessed Vietcong soldiers survive what should have been deadly gunshot wounds. Yunnan Baiyao is one of China's most famous medicines.

The powder inside the capsule is applied directly to cuts and injuries The capsules are taken internally for bruising, swelling, internal bleeding, and tissue damage associated with acute traumatic injury.

Yunnan Baiyao has been used in serious wounds from gunshots, internal injuries from automobile accidents, and bleeding from surgery. It has also been used to stem nosebleeds, blood in the stool, bleeding ulcers, and both postpartum hemorrhage and blood stagnation.

There is also a single red pill that is included in the package (or bottle if powdered), called 'Bao Xian Zi'. It is dubbed the 'emergency', 'rescue', and 'insurance' pill. It is to be taken with wine no more than once a day for serious traumatic bleeding or wounds. While it does not stop bleeding, the pill prevents shock from sudden blood loss.

What is truly remarkable is that Yunnan Baiyao has the ability to coagulate the blood and move the blood at the same time. In Chinese medicine terms, this means that along with its ability to stop bleeding, it also dispels blood stagnation and disperses swelling.

The ingredients of this medicine have always been a 'state secret', held by the Yunnan Baiyao Pharmaceutical Company.... until now. Apparently the FDA approval process required full disclosure of the ingredients in Yunnan Baiyao, and it was posted on both the FDA and Amazon websites.

Here are the (supposed) actual ingredients in Yunnan Baiyao:

Common NameChinese NameLatin BotanicalPart of Plant
NotoginsengTian Qi Panax pseudoginseng WallRoot
BorneolBing PianDryobalanops aromatica Gaertn. f.Crystal
Boea ClarkeanSan Yu CaoBoea clarkeana Hemsl.Entire Plant
Inula CoppBai Niu Dan Inula cappa DC.Root
ComplanatumChuan Shan LongLycopodium complanatum L.Rhizome
Chinese YamHuai Shan YaoDioscorea opposita Thunb.Rhizome
GalangaKu Liang JiangAlpinia officinarum HanceRhizome
CranebillLao Guan CaoErodium stephanianum Wild.Aerial Parts
CamphorZhang NaoCinnamomum camphora (L.) Presl.Crystal Extracts
PeppermintBo HeMentha haplocalyx Briq.Leaves

While there are no quantities of the given ingredients, nor any information on the preparation of the ingredients in Yunnan Baiyao, it is still amazing that we now have a list of ingredients after over 100 years.

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