GB-17 (Zheng Ying) Upright Construction

GB-17 (Zheng Ying) Upright Construction

Acupuncture Points on the Gall Bladder Channel of Foot Shao Yang

  • Meeting Point of the Gallbladder Channel with the Yang Linking Vessel


  • Benefits the head and alleviates pain
  • Pacifies the Stomach


  • Migraine, vertigo.

Pont Location:

  • A Manual of Acupuncture: In the parietal region, on a curved line drawn between Toulinqi GB-15 and Fengchi GB-20, following the contour of the cranium, 1.5 cun posterior to Muchuang GB-16.
  • Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion: On the head, 2.5 cun above the anterior hairline and 2.25 cun lateral to the midline of the head.

Needling Method:

  • Puncture subcutaneously 0.3-0.5 inch. Moxibustion is applicable.