GB-02 (Ting Hui) Auditory Convergence

GB-02 (Ting Hui) Auditory Convergence

Acupuncture Points on the Gall Bladder Channel of Foot Shao Yang


  • Benefits the ears, eliminates wind and clears heat
  • Activates the channel and alleviates pain


  • Deafness, tinnitus, toothache, motor impairment of the temporomandibular joint, mumps, deviation of the eye and mouth.

Pont Location:

  • A Manual of Acupuncture: In the hollow between the intertragic notch posteriorly and the condyloid process of the mandible anteriorly. Locate this point with the mouth wide open.
  • Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Anterior to the intertragic notch, at the posterior border of the condyloid process of the mandible. The point is located with the mouth open.

Needling Method:

  • Puncture perpendicularly 0.5-0.7 inch. Moxibustion is applicable.