BL-60 (Kun Lun) Kunlun Mountains

BL-60 (Kun Lun) Kunlun Mountains

Acupuncture Points on the Bladder Channel of Foot Tai Yang

  • Acupuncture Point Five Elements  Jing-River & Fire Point
  • Ma Dan-yang Heavenly Star Point


  • Clears heat and lowers yang
  • Pacifies wind and leads down excess
  • Activates the entire Bladder channel and alleviates pain
  • Relaxes the sinews and strengthens the lumbar spine
  • Promotes labor


  • Headache, blurring of vision, neck rigidity, epistaxis, pain in the shoulder, back and arm, swelling and pain of the heel, difficult labor, epilepsy.

Pont Location:

Needling Method:

  • Puncture perpendicularly 0.5-1.0 inch. Moxibustion is applicable.

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