BL-57 (Cheng Shan) Mountain Support

BL-57 (Cheng Shan) Mountain Support

Acupuncture Points on the Bladder Channel of Foot Tai Yang

  • Ma Dan-yang Heavenly Star Point

Common and Key Uses:

  • Distal point for hemorrhoids


  • Relaxes the sinews, activates the channel and alleviates pain
  • Benefits the calf and heel
  • Treats hemorrhoids


  • Low back pain, spasm of the gastrocnemius, hemorrhoids, constipation, beriberi.

Pont Location:

  • A Manual of Acupuncture: On the lower leg, in the depression formed below the bellies of the gastrocnemius muscle when the muscle is flexed, approximately 8 cun distal to Weizhong BL-40, i.e. midway between Weizhong BL-40 and Kunlun BL-60.
  • Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion: On the posterior midline of the leg, between Weizhong (BL-40) and Kunlun (BL-60), in a pointed depression formed below the gastrocnemius muscle belly when the leg is stretched or the heel is lifted.

Needling Method:

  • Puncture perpendicularly 0.8-1.2 inches. Moxibustion is applicable.