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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) "Excess Pensiveness or Worry impacts the Spleen and knots the Qi"

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Definitive Traditional Chinese Medicine Reference

One of the most trustworthy, praised, & comprehensive online references on Chinese Medicine.

TCM Contents

  • TCM Theory
    Origins of TCM, Yin and Yang, Five Element theory, Qi, Blood, Jing, TCM organs, & the causes of disease.
  • TCM Diagnosis
    Chinese Medicine Diagnosis, Alternative Treatment, Pulse Diagnosis, & TCM Syndroms.
  • Acupuncture
    Acupuncture Channels, Points, Charts, & Point Combinations.
  • Chinese Herbs
    Trustworthy Chinese Herb Profiles, Properties, and Photos.
  • Chinese Formulas
    Classic Chinese Formulas, Patent Medicines, and ingredients.
  • Alternative Medicine News
    TCM, Acupuncture, and Alternative Health News. Updated Every Day.
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Visual Materia Medica of Chinese Herbs

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