Summary Chart of Pulse Diagnosis Indications
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Summary Chart of Pulse Diagnosis Indications

  Excess Heat Excess Cold Pain Phlegm Stagnation Food Stagnation Qi and Blood Stagnation Dampness Qi Xu Blood Xu Yin Xu Yang Xu Excess Pathogens Masses Zheng Qi Xu Other
Surging/Hong X                            
Forceful/Shi X                           Excess Zheng Qi
Slippery/Hua X     X X   X                
Long/Chang X                     X      
Wiry/Xuan X   X X   X                 Liv/GB disorders
Rapid/Shu X                            
Rapid irregular/Cu X   X X X X                 Atrial Fibrillation
Tight/Jin   X X   X                    
Confined, Firm/Lao   X X                   X   Hernia
Hidden/Fu     X   X             X     Syncope, lack of circulation, coma
Moving, Throbbing/Dong     X                 X     Shock
Regular Intermittent/Dai     X                     X Zang Fu Qi Xu, Wind, Fear
Hesitant, Choppy/Se       X X X     X           Heart Palpitations, Consumption of Essence
Knotted/Jie       X X X             X   Heart Palpitations
Short/Duan           X   X              
Thready/Xi             X X X            
Soft, Soggy/Ru             X X X X          
Minute, Indistinct/Wei               X X X X        
Scattered/San               X             Yuan Qi Xu
Forceless/Xu               X X           Damage By Summerheat
Weak/Ruo               X X           Simultaneous Qi and Blood Xu
Hollow/Kou                 X X         Great loss of Blood
Drumskin, Tympanic, Leathery/Ge                 X           Hemorrhage, Spermatorrhea, Abortion, Heavy Menstruation
Swift, Hurried/Ji                   X         Yuan Qi Xu, Excess Yang, Heart Palpitations
Large, Big/Da                       X   X  
Deep/Chen                           X Interior Accumulations
Slow/Chi   X                 X        
Slowed Down/Huan             X               Spleen, Stomach Xu
Floating/Fu                             External,Yin or Yang loosing root in lower body floating to top