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Visual Materia Medica of Chinese Herbs - 2nd Edition

The 'Visual Materia Medica of Chinese Herbs' is a concise, organized, and beautiful photo identification guide for over 350 common Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs.

Used by students, teachers, and doctors in universities and clinics around the world, the 'Visual Materia Medica of Chinese Herbs' is the de facto standard on Chinese herb photo identification. Students use it to replace long hours in the herb room or having to carry herb samples. Doctors and practitioners can quickly cross reference Latin, English, and Pinyin names, as well as glance at the Chinese characters, properties, temperatures, and channels

Acrobat PDF File Sample Chapter - Herbs That Tonify Qi (2.8MB PDF)

Visual Materia Medica Book Features

  • 32 herb categories, 112 Pages
  • Over 350 hi-res photos of the most common Chinese herbs
  • Table of Contents - Quickly locate sections
  • Indexed - Pinyin, Common English, and Latin

Each Chinese Herb Features

  • Pinyin name with tone marks
  • Common English name
  • Latin/Pharmaceutical name
  • Chinese name (Chinese characters)
  • Temperature scale
  • Channels entered
  • Herb properties

Book Sample Chapter (PDF)

This sample PDF includes the book cover, table of contents showing 32 herb categories/chapters, a sample chapter, and the pinyin, common, and latin indices.

Acrobat PDF File Sample Chapter - Herbs That Tonify Qi (2.8MB PDF)

Acrobat PDF File Review the 2nd Edition Changes (75Kb PDF)