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Treatment Methods
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TCM Patterns
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TCM Gynecology
Early Menses Late Menses Irregular Menses Heavy Menses Scanty Menses Extended Menses Bleeding Between Menses Amenorrhea Dysmenorrhea Flooding and Trickling Associated Symptoms

Chinese Medicine (TCM) Patterns, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Pillars of TCM Diagnosis

  • Looking
    What is observed by the Practioner.
  • Listening/Smelling
    What is heard and smelled by the Practioner.
  • Asking
    Questions asked by the practitioner in the patient interview.

TCM Tongue Diagnosis

TCM Tongue DiagnosisTCM Tongue Diagnosis - The tongue in TCM has many relationships and connections, both to the meridians and the internal organs. It is a very important part of confirming TCM diagnosis.

TCM Pulse Diagnosis

TCM Pattern Differentiation

General TCM Diagnosis

Treatment Methods

TCM Gynecology - Symptoms and Treatment