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Nine Needle Warm Needle Moxibustion
Lung Channel Lg. Intestine Channel Stomach Channel Spleen Channel Heart Channel Small Intestine Bladder Channel Kidney Channel Pericardium Channel San Jiao Channel Gall Bladder Channel Liver Channel Ren Mai (Conception) Du Mai (Governing) The Extra Points

The Eight Extraordinary Channels

Penn Chiao, in the 27th difficulty, in the Nan Jing (Nan Ching) describes the primary channels (or meridians) in Chinese Acupuncture include the twelve (12) primary channels and fifteen (15) network (or collateral) vessels. These twenty seven (27) conduit channels and vessels enable and move Qi and Blood, and have uninterrupted flow between each other.

The Eight Extra Channels are said not to be influenced by the primary channels, thus they are not a part of the mutual sharing of contents with the other twenty seven (27) channels and collaterals. It is said that when the rain pours down from Heaven, the ditches (Network Vessels) and reservoirs (Channels) become full, and that when they become full, the surplus then flows in to the Extra Channels. This surplus then pours in to the deep lakes.


  • Some now include the Ren and Du Channels as a part of the Primary Channels. This would make fourteen (14) primary channels and six (6) Extra Channels.
  • There are also now fourteen (14) network vessels, making the total number of Channels and Vessels twenty four (24).
  • The Du (Governing) and Ren (Conception) Channels have their own points while the other 6 channels only use points from the other Fourteen (14) Channels (the 12 primary channels, plus the Ren and Du channels).
Extra Channel Paired Channel Master Point Coupled Point Luo Point Xi-Cleft Point

Ren Channel Yin Qiao LU-07 KI-06 REN-15
Yin Qiao Channel Ren KI-06 LU-07 KI-08

Du Channel Yang Qiao SI-03 BL-62 DU-01
Yang Qiao Channel Du BL-62 SI-03 BL-59

Dai Mai Channel Yang Wei GB-41 SJ-05
Yang Wei Channel Dai Mai SJ-05 GB-41 GB-35

Chong Mai Channel Yin Wei SP-04 P-06
Yin Wei Channel Chong Mai P-06 SP-04 KI-09