The evils are external in origin, but can penetrate deeply into the body.

The Six Evils are:


(Associated with Liver, Wood, Spring, Yang evil)

Wind is involved with movement and activity, and brings other evil Qi in with it. It is the most important evil as it is the cause of the "100 diseases".

Disperses Qi upward and outward

Rapid onset and rapid changes

Creates abnormal or sudden movement

Creates abnormal positions

Most common in spring

Wind Syndromes - External Wind

1.) Wind-Cold

Excess Type External Wind

Xu Type External Wind

2.) Wind-Heat

3.) Wind-Damp

4.) Wind-Damp Bi Pain

5.) Wind-Water

6) Wind-Rash

Wind Syndromes - Internal Wind

Symptoms of Internal Wind

Causes of Liver Wind

Excess fire affecting the Liver

Liver Yin Xu, Yang Kan - Long-standing Yin deficiency with Heat

Liver Blood Deficiency

1) Blood Xu makes Heat
2) Blood not nourishing the "General"

Liver wind mixing with Phlegm

Wind blows it into an abnormal position and phlegm makes it stick. It affects Liver (Wind) and Heart (Phlegm misting). There is rigidity especially of limbs, neck, tongue, and stiffness in tongue (May affect the Speech)

Neurological conditions

Fire and Phlegm occurring together


(Associated with Kidney, Winter, Water element, Yin evil)

Syndromes of Cold

Wind Cold

Cold attacking the Spleen and Stomach

Looks like spleen Qi Xu but the cause is external (Examples are living by the ocean or eating cold foods). Phlegm and Dampness can also collect and cause dizziness.

Cold evil damaging both spleen and Kidney Yang

Can be acute, as in hypothermia, or chronic, as in a cold climate damaging spleen and kidneys.

Symptoms as in previous syndrome with:

Cold contracting the Qi and Blood

Cold slows circulation, contracts, congeals, stagnates

Liver Qi Stagnation

Blood stagnation

Wind cold damp Bi pain

Cold contracting the liver meridian


(Associated with spleen, late summer, Earth element, Yin evil)

Dampness is heavy, tenacious, difficult to treat, and lasts a long time. It tends to move downwards in the body.

Sticky, greasy, oily, dirty, bad smell

Damages the Yang of body

Creates stagnation

Syndromes of Damp

Acute condition, but has the slowest onset of all winds. It is affected by damp and cold weather. Symptoms can reflect a respiratory infection with copious phlegm or a gastrointestinal flu.

Wind-Damp Bi pain

Damp poison in skin

Damp heat

Infection or inflammation that can affect many places, such as the Liver, Gallbladder, Urinary Bladder, Intestines, Sinuses, etc.

"itis" Diseases

Internal dampness arising in the body

Dampness arising from Spleen Xu: Dampness is the main factor, the Xu is secondary. It often compromises immunity due to congestion of lymphatic system, autoimmune conditions in particular. If severe, it becomes Phlegm. A long term chronic situation is often due to damp, cold, raw foods.

Symptoms may be associated with a wide variety of diseases: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Candida, Lymphoma, Etc.


(Associated with the Heart, summertime, Fire element, Yang Evil)

Damages Yin

Heat rises

Causes redness

Easily produces wind

Speeds things up

Easily affects the skin

Syndromes of Heat


Damp Heat

Excess Fire

Strong heat that reaches deep in to organs. It can have an external or internal origin.


Syndromes of Fire

Lung fire

Stomach fire

Heart fire

Liver fire

Large Intestine fire

Deficient Fire

Yin Xu, Yang Kan, Heat is deep in the body: Ying level. Pattern of mixed Xu and excess. Treatment must include quelling fire as well as nourishing yin

Summer Heat

(Associated with the Heart, Fire Element, Summer, Yang Evil)

Syndromes of Summer Heat

Summer heat

Summer Heat combined with Dampness

A person with a Damp constitution experiencing Summer Heat, or a person who eats Damp foods in summer (ice cream, cold soda).

Dampness turns into phlegm because of heat


(Associated with the Lung, Autumn, Metal Element, Yang evil)

Exterior in origin (not yin Xu, not internal)

Easily damages body fluids

Easily damages lungs

Syndromes of Dryness

Warm Dryness



Cool dryness (Example: Dried out from air conditioning)