Upper Jiao Damp Heat

Upper Jiao Damp Heat is the early stage of a Damp Evil invasion. In this stage the Damp Evil attacks both the Lungs and the Skin. Dampness can also affect the Stomach and Spleen at this stage. At this stage there is not much heat, mostly damp. However, if allowed to progress, heat symptoms will appear.

Symptoms of Upper Jiao Stage

Treatment of Upper Jiao San Jiao

Formula: Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San

Function: Releases the exterior, transforms Dampness, regulates Qi and harmonizes the Middle Jiao.


Middle Jiao Damp Heat

At this stage of San Jiao Damp Heat invasion, the Middle Jiao is attacked. The Spleen is easily weakened by Dampness and so at this stage the Spleen's function of Transformation and Transportation is injured. Because of the relationship between the Spleen and the Stomach, the Stomach's function of receiving food and water is is also impaired.

The Spleen is also responsible for keeping the muscles and limbs nourished, so there may be muscle tenderness and/or heaviness of the limbs at this stage.

Symptoms of Middle Jiao San Jiao Stage

Treatment of Middle Jiao San Jiao Stage

Formula: San Ren Tang

Function: Remove Heat Evil and Resolve Dampness.


If this stage of Damp-Heat is allowed to progress, the following may occur:

1. The Dampness may dry out and the disease becomes Warm Heat Qi Fen Stage (which is the same as the Four Stages Qi Fen Stage).
2. The Dampness may cool off and the disease becomes a Cold-Damp disease.
3. The disease may progress into Lower Jiao Damp Heat Disease.

Lower Jiao Damp Heat

This is the last stage of the San Jiao Differential Diagnosis. Chiefly, the Large Intestines and Urinary Bladder are affected so there will be problems with elimination.

Symptoms of Lower Jiao San Jiao Stage

Treatment of Lower Jiao San Jiao Stage

Formula: Fu Ling Pi Tang

Function: Dispels dampness through diuresis.