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Chinese Herbs "Sadness and Grief are associated with the Lungs"
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Warm Herbs that Transform Phlegm-Cold

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There are 9 Warm Herbs that Transform Phlegm-Cold (Category 14 of 34)

Bai Fu Zi (Typhonium Rhizome) Bai Fu Zi
Typhonium Rhizome
Bai Jie Zi (White Mustard Seed) Bai Jie Zi
White Mustard Seed
Bai Qian (Root and Rhizome of Cynanchum) Bai Qian
Root and Rhizome of Cynanchum
Ban Xia (Pinellia Rhizome) Ban Xia
Pinellia Rhizome
Jie Geng (Root of the Balloon Flower) Jie Geng
Root of the Balloon Flower
Zhi Tian Nan Xing (Prepared Jack in the Pulpit Rhizome) Zhi Tian Nan Xing
Prepared Jack in the Pulpit Rhizome
Xuan Fu Hua (Inula Flower) Xuan Fu Hua
Inula Flower
Zao Jiao Ci (Spine of Chinese Honeylocust Fruit) Zao Jiao Ci
Spine of Chinese Honeylocust Fruit
Zao Jiao (Chinese Honeylocust Fruit) Zao Jiao
Chinese Honeylocust Fruit