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Chinese Herbs "Kidney Jing produces Marrow"
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Substances that Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors

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There are 9 Substances that Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors (Category 30 of 34)

Bai Ji Li (Caltrop Fruit, Tribulus) Bai Ji Li
Caltrop Fruit, Tribulus
Di Long (Earthworm) Di Long
Gou Teng (Gambir Vine Stems and Thorns) Gou Teng
Gambir Vine Stems and Thorns
Ling Yang Jiao (Antelope Horn) Ling Yang Jiao
Antelope Horn
Quan Xie (Scorpion, Buthus) Quan Xie
Scorpion, Buthus
Shi Jue Ming (Abalone Shell) Shi Jue Ming
Abalone Shell
Tian Ma (Gastrodia Rhizome) Tian Ma
Gastrodia Rhizome
Wu Gong (Centipede) Wu Gong
Jiang Can (Body of Sick Silkworm) Jiang Can
Body of Sick Silkworm