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There are 18 Substances for External Application (Category 32 of 34)

Er Cha (Paste from Dried Conc. Decoction of Black or Brown Cutch, Catechu, Gambier) Er Cha
Paste from Dried Conc. Decoction of Black or Brown Cutch, Catechu, Gambier
Ma Qian Zi (Nux Vomica Seeds) Ma Qian Zi
Nux Vomica Seeds
Mi Tuo Seng (Litharge) Mi Tuo Seng
Ming Fan (Alum) Ming Fan
Peng Sha (Borax) Peng Sha
Shan Ci Gu (Bulb of Chinese Tulip) Shan Ci Gu
Bulb of Chinese Tulip
She Chuang Zi (Cnidium Seeds) She Chuang Zi
Cnidium Seeds
Xiong Huang (Realgar) Xiong Huang
Zhang Nao (Camphor) Zhang Nao
Qing Fen (Calomel) Qing Fen
Lu Gan Shi (Smithsonite) Lu Gan Shi
Qian Dan (Lead Oxide) Qian Dan
Lead Oxide
Mu Bie Zi (Momordica Seeds) Mu Bie Zi
Momordica Seeds
Da Feng Zi (Chaulmoogra Seeds) Da Feng Zi
Chaulmoogra Seeds
Ban Mao (Cantharides) Ban Mao
Chan Su (Toad Venom, Dried Toad Skin Secretions) Chan Su
Toad Venom, Dried Toad Skin Secretions
Feng Fang (Hornet's Nest) Feng Fang
Hornet's Nest
Liu Huang (Sulpher) Liu Huang