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Herbs that Clear Heat and Dry Dampness

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There are 7 Herbs that Clear Heat and Dry Dampness (Category 5 of 34)

Hu Huang Lian (Picrorhiza Rhizome) Hu Huang Lian
Picrorhiza Rhizome
Huang Bai (Phellodendron or Amur Cork tree Bark) Huang Bai
Phellodendron or Amur Cork tree Bark
Huang Lian (Coptis Rhizome) Huang Lian
Coptis Rhizome
Huang Qin (Baical Skullcap Root) Huang Qin
Baical Skullcap Root
Ku Shen (Sophora Root) Ku Shen
Sophora Root
Long Dan Cao (Chinese Gentian Root) Long Dan Cao
Chinese Gentian Root
Qin Pi (Korean Ash Branch Bark) Qin Pi
Korean Ash Branch Bark