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Harsh Expellants

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There are 6 Harsh Expellants (Category 10 of 34)

Ba Dou (Croton Seed) Ba Dou
Croton Seed
Hong Da Ji (Peking Spurge Root or Euphorbia) Hong Da Ji
Peking Spurge Root or Euphorbia
Gan Sui (Kansui Root) Gan Sui
Kansui Root
Qian Niu Zi (Morning Glory Seeds or Pharbitis) Qian Niu Zi
Morning Glory Seeds or Pharbitis
Shang Lu (Poke Root or Phytolacca) Shang Lu
Poke Root or Phytolacca
Yuan Hua (Genkwa Flower) Yuan Hua
Genkwa Flower