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Cool, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior

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There are 12 Cool, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior (Category 2 of 34)

Bo He (Field Mint, Mentha) Bo He
Field Mint, Mentha
Chai Hu (Thorowax Root , Bupleurum) Chai Hu
Thorowax Root , Bupleurum
Chan Tui (Circada Moulting) Chan Tui
Circada Moulting
Dan Dou Chi (Prepared Soybean) Dan Dou Chi
Prepared Soybean
Fu Ping (Duckweed or Spirodela) Fu Ping
Duckweed or Spirodela
Ge Gen (Pueraria, Kudzu Root) Ge Gen
Pueraria, Kudzu Root
Ju Hua (Chrysanthemum Flower) Ju Hua
Chrysanthemum Flower
Man Jing Zi (Vitex Fruit) Man Jing Zi
Vitex Fruit
Mu Zei (Shave Grass, Scouring Rush) Mu Zei
Shave Grass, Scouring Rush
Niu Bang Zi (Great Burdock Fruit) Niu Bang Zi
Great Burdock Fruit
Sang Ye (White Mulberry Leaf) Sang Ye
White Mulberry Leaf
Sheng Ma (Black Cohosh Rhizome, Bugbane Rhizome) Sheng Ma
Black Cohosh Rhizome, Bugbane Rhizome