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Zi Su Ye (Perilla Leaf)

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Warm Zi Su Ye (Perillae Folium)
Spicy, Aromatic, Warm
Perillae Folium
Tone Marks:
zĭ sū yè


  • Releases the Exterior and Disperses Wind-Cold
    For cold invasion with symptoms of chills, fever, headache, nasal congestion, and cough.
  • Promotes the Movement of Qi in the Middle Jiao
    For nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite. Also used in pregnancy to calm restless fetus or for morning sickness.
  • Used either alone or with other herbs to counteract seafood poisoning.

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Do not use for exterior deficiency patterns or for Damp Heat.

Herb-Drug Interactions

  • This section is being researched, and is not completed.

Toxicity and Overdose

  • This section is being researched, and is not completed.


  • 3-9 grams. Do not overcook.
  • Part used: leaf.

This Herb Appears in the Following Formulas: