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Mi Meng Hua (Buddleia Flower Bud)

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Cool Mi Meng Hua (Flos Buddleiae Officinalis Immaturus)
Sweet, Cool
Flos Buddleiae Officinalis Immaturus
Tone Marks:
mì Méng huā


  • Eliminates Heat in the Liver Channel and Benefits the Eyes
    For blurry vision, red and swollen eyes, superficial visual obstruction, excess lacrimation, pterygium, or sensitivity to light.
  • Can treat symptoms from both excess or deficiency conditions.

Contraindications and Cautions

  • None Noted.

Herb-Drug Interactions

  • This section is being researched, and is not completed.

Toxicity and Overdose

  • This section is being researched, and is not completed.


  • 3-9 grams.
  • Part used: flower and flower bud.