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Hua Shi (Talcum)

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Cold Hua Shi (Talcum)
Sweet, Bland, Cold
Tone Marks:
huá shí
Slippery Rock


  • Clear Heat, Drain Damp, Promote Urination
    For urinary tract infection with pain, burning, and dribbling. It will alleviate thirst. Also for watery diarrhea, heavy sensation in the body and limbs, unremitting fever and a yellow tongue coat.
  • Clear Summer-Heat, Drain Damp
    For fever, irritability, thirst, watery diarrhea, and scanty or difficult urination,
  • Topically Clears Heat and Damp
    For eczema, rash, sores, athlete’s foot, prickly heat and other dermatological conditions due to Damp Heat.

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Use with caution during pregnancy
  • Use with caution in cases with Spleen Qi Deficiency or spermatorrhea
  • Use with caution in cases with polyuria, or damaged body fluids due to heat.

Herb-Drug Interactions

  • None Noted

Toxicity and Overdose

  • Do not inject or inhale this herb.


  • 10-15 grams in decoction 12
  • 9-15 grams in decoction 13


  • Hua Shi is bland so it drains damp, sweet so it harmonizes the stomach, and cold so it cools heat conditions. Both Shi Gao and Hua Shi Drain Damp, Clear Heat and alleviate thirst but Shi Gao is more appropriate when heat has dried the body fluids.

Clinical Studies and Research

  • 10 patients with UTI had good results after taking Hua Shi (30 grams) and Gan Cao (5 grams).
    Liao Ning Yi Yao, 1976; (2);69.

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