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Han Lian Cao (Eclipta)

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Cool Han Lian Cao (Herba Ecliptae Prostratae)
Sweet, Sour, Cool
Herba Ecliptae Prostratae
Tone Marks:
hàn lián căo
Alt Names:
Mo Han Lian, Li Chang


  • Tonifies Kidneys and Nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin
    Treats Dizziness, blurred vision, vertigo, prematurely grey hair, along with sore and weak low back and knees
  • Cools Blood and Stops Bleeding
    For any bleeding due to Heat in the Vessels including hemoptysis, epistaxis, uterine bleeding, hematuria, hematochezia, subcutaneous bleeding and purpura

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Use caution in cases with Spleen, Stomach and/or Kidney Deficiency with Cold
  • Use with caution in cases with diarrhea
  • Use with Caution in cases with Food Stagnation and Spleen Qi Deficiency

Herb-Drug Interactions

  • None Noted.

Toxicity and Overdose

  • None Noted.


  • 10-30 grams in decoction 12
  • 9-15 grams in decoction 13

This Herb Appears in the Following Formulas:

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