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Ce Bai Ye (Biota Leaves, Leafy Twig of Arborvitae)

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Slightly Cold Ce Bai Ye (Cacumen Biotae Orientalis)
Bitter, Astringent, Slightly Cold
Cacumen Biotae Orientalis
Tone Marks:
cè băi yè
Flat Fir Leaves


  • Cools the Blood and Stops Bleeding
    For many types of bleeding disorders due to heat, including coughing (hemoptysis) or vomiting (hematemesis) of blood, nosebleeds (epistaxis), heavy menstrual bleeding, blood in the stool (hematochezia) or urine (hematuria), bleeding from the gums, and injury or trauma related bleeding.
  • Expels Phlegm and Stops Cough
    For accumulation of Hot Phlegm due to Lung Heat, with symptoms such as blood streaked sputum which is difficult to expectorate.
  • Treats Burns
    Ce Bai Ye can be ground in to a powder and applied topically for mild burns.

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Use cautiously in patients with deficiency or cold in the Middle Jiao.
  • Use with caution in cases of Blood Stagnation as Ce Bai Ye may make it more difficult to break the stasis.
  • Overdose may cause nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

Herb-Drug Interactions

  • This section is being researched, and is not completed.

Toxicity and Overdose

  • This section is being researched, and is not completed.


  • 10-15 grams


  • Ce Bai Ye can be used as a topical paste for external bleeding.

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