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Bai Lian (Ampelopsis, Japanese Ampelopsis Root)

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Cool Bai Lian (Radix Ampelopsis)
Bitter, Spicy, Cool
Radix Ampelopsis
Tone Marks:
bái liàn


  • Clears Heat and Toxins, Reduces Abscesses and Heals Wounds
    It can be used alone for conditions where Heat and Toxins have caused sores and abscesses. It reduces swellings and treats carbuncles, burns (topically), skin redness and lesions. Especially good for when ulcers fail to heal.

Contraindications and Cautions

  • Do not use for pale flat Yin type abscesses
  • Do not use on patients with weak ST Qi

Herb-Drug Interactions

  • This section is being researched, and is not completed.

Toxicity and Overdose

  • None Noted


  • 5-10 grams in Decoction (Chen)
  • 3-9 Grams in Decoction (Bensky)

This herb is incompatible with:
  • Fu Zi (Radix Lateralis Praeparatus Aconiti Carmichaeli)
  • Cao Wu (Radix Aconiti Kusnezoffii Preparata)
  • Chuan Wu (Radix Aconiti Preparata)