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Xiao Feng San (Eliminate Wind Powder from True Lineage)

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  • Formulas that Release Wind from the Skin and Channels


  • Exterior invasion of Wind-Heat or Wind Damp battling with interior Damp heat injuring Blood and Yin


  • Disperses wind and eliminates damp Clears heat, cools and nourishes the blood.


  • Weeping and itching skin rashes over a large part of the body, and possible subcutaneous bleeding

Possible Tongue Appearance:

  • Red tongue body with a yellow or white greasy coating

Possible Pulse Patterns:

  • Floating and rapid pulse

Western Uses:

  • Eczema
  • Urticaria
  • Rubella
  • Allergic Dermatitis
  • Neurogenic Dermatitis
  • Drug Related Dermatitis
  • Tinea Capitis

Cautions, Contraindications, Herb Drug Interactions:

  • As this formula is dispersing, it should not be used in cases of severe blood or Qi deficiency

Preparation Notes:

  • Decoction. Take on an empty stomach.
  • Can also be used topically (wait for the brew to cool).

Originally Appeared In:

  • True Lineage of External Medicine (Wai Ke Zheng Zong)

Combined Channels of all herbs in this formula:

  • Lungs, Liver, Spleen, Bladder, Stomach, Large Intestine, Heart, Small Intestine, Kidneys

Substances in this Formula (13 Total):

Jing Jie (Herba Seu Flos Schizonepetae Tenuifoliae)
Jing Jie (Schizonepeta Bud or Stem) 荆芥
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: LU, LIV
Prop: Spicy, Aromatic, Slightly Warm
Latin: Herba Seu Flos Schizonepetae Tenuifoliae
Cat: Warm, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior
Fang Feng (Radix Ledebouriellae Divaricatae)
Fang Feng (Ledebouriella Root) 防风
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: BL, LIV, SP
Prop: Spicy, Sweet, Slightly Warm
Latin: Radix Ledebouriellae Divaricatae
Cat: Warm, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior
Niu Bang Zi (Fructus Arctii Lappae)
Niu Bang Zi (Great Burdock Fruit) 牛旁子
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: LU, ST
Prop: Spicy, Bitter, Cold
Latin: Fructus Arctii Lappae
Cat: Cool, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior
Chan Tui (Periostracum Cicadae)
Chan Tui (Circada Moulting) 蝉蜕
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: LU, LIV
Prop: Sweet, Salty, Slightly Cold
Latin: Periostracum Cicadae
Cat: Cool, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior
Cang Zhu (Rhizoma Atractylodis)
Cang Zhu (Black Atractylodes Rhizone) 苍术
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: SP, ST
Prop: Spicy, Bitter, Warm, Aromatic
Latin: Rhizoma Atractylodis
Cat: Aromatic Herbs that Transform and Dissolve Dampness
Ku Shen (Radix Sophorae Flavescentis)
Ku Shen (Sophora Root) 苦参
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: BL, HT, LIV, LI, SI
Prop: Bitter, Cold
Latin: Radix Sophorae Flavescentis
Cat: Herbs that Clear Heat and Dry Dampness
Chuan Mu Tong (Caulis Clematidis Armandii)
Chuan Mu Tong (Clematis) 川木通
Qty: 1.5 grams
Chan: BL, HT, SI
Prop: Bitter, Cold, Bland
Latin: Caulis Clematidis Armandii
Cat: Herbs that Regulate Water and Drain Dampness
Shi Gao (Gypsum Fibrosum)
Shi Gao (Gypsum) 石膏
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: LU, ST
Prop: Sweet, Spicy, Very Cold
Latin: Gypsum Fibrosum
Cat: Herbs that Drain Fire
Zhi Mu (Rhizoma Anemarrhenae Aspheloidis)
Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena Rhizome) 知母
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: LU, ST, KI
Prop: Bitter, Cold
Latin: Rhizoma Anemarrhenae Aspheloidis
Cat: Herbs that Drain Fire
Sheng Di Huang (Radix Rehmanniae Glutinosae)
Sheng Di Huang (Chinese Foxglove Root, Rehmannia) 地黄
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: HT, KI, LIV
Prop: Sweet, Bitter, Cold
Latin: Radix Rehmanniae Glutinosae
Cat: Herbs that Cool the Blood
Dang Gui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis)
Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root) 当归
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: HT, LIV, SP
Prop: Sweet, Spicy, Bitter, Warm
Latin: Radix Angelicae Sinensis
Cat: Herbs that Tonify Blood
Hei Zhi Ma (black Semen Sesame Indici)
Hei Zhi Ma (Black Sesame Seeds) 黑芝麻
Qty: 3 grams
Chan: KI, LIV
Prop: Sweet, Neutral
Latin: black Semen Sesame Indici
Cat: Herbs that Tonify Yin
Gan Cao (Radix Glycyrrhizae)
Gan Cao (Licorice Root) 甘草
Qty: 1.5 grams
Chan: All 12 (Primarily the LU, HT, SP, ST)
Prop: Sweet, Neutral
Latin: Radix Glycyrrhizae
Cat: Herbs that Tonify Qi
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