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Wu Pi San (Wu Pi Yin) (Five Peel Powder)

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  • Formulas that Promote Urination and Leach out Dampness


  • Damp Accumulation (Skin Edema) due to Spleen Qi deficiency


  • Promotes urination and drains dampness to reduce edema
  • Regulates the Qi and tonifies the Spleen.


  • Generalized edema and pitting edema with a fullness, distension, or heaviness in the abdomen and epigastria
  • Difficult urination and heavy or labored breathing.

Possible Tongue Appearance:

  • Pale swollen tongue with teeth marks and a greasy white coat

Possible Pulse Patterns:

  • Deep, moderate, and slippery pulse

Western Uses:

  • Edema
  • Edema from Pregnancy
  • Protein Deficiency Edema
  • Ascites from Cirrhosis
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Urticaria
  • Menopausal Edema

Cautions, Contraindications, Herb Drug Interactions:

  • This formula does not strongly Tonify the Spleen, so the use of additional Spleen Tonifying herbs is recommended

Preparation Notes:

  • Decoction.

Originally Appeared In:

  • Treasury Classic (Zhong Zang Jing)

Combined Channels of all herbs in this formula:

  • Lungs, Spleen, Stomach, Heart, Large Intestine, Small Intestine

Substances in this Formula (5 Total):

Sang Bai Pi (Cortex Radicis Mori Albae)
Sang Bai Pi (Bark of Mulberry Root) 桑白皮
Qty: 15 grams
Chan: LU, SP
Prop: Sweet, Cold
Latin: Cortex Radicis Mori Albae
Cat: Herbs that Relieve Coughing and Wheezing
Sheng Jiang Pi (Pericarpium Zingiberis Recens)
Sheng Jiang Pi (Fresh Ginger Rhizome Skin) 生姜皮
Qty: 6 grams
Chan: LU, SP, ST
Prop: Spicy, Cool
Latin: Pericarpium Zingiberis Recens
Cat: Warm, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior
Fu Ling Pi (Sclerotii Poriae Cocos)
Fu Ling Pi (Poria Skin) 茯苓皮
Qty: 15 grams
Chan: HT, SP, LU
Prop: Sweet, Bland, Neutral
Latin: Sclerotii Poriae Cocos
Cat: Herbs that Regulate Water and Drain Dampness
Chen Pi (Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae)
Chen Pi (Orange Peel, Citrus Peel, Tangerine Peel) 陈皮
Qty: 9 grams
Chan: LU, SP, ST
Prop: Spicy, Bitter, Warm, Aromatic
Latin: Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae
Cat: Herbs that Regulate the Qi
Da Fu Pi (Pericarpium Arecae Catechu)
Da Fu Pi (Betel Husk) 大腹皮
Qty: 15 grams
Chan: LI, SI, SP, ST
Prop: Spicy, Slightly Warm
Latin: Pericarpium Arecae Catechu
Cat: Herbs that Regulate the Qi

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