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Juan Bi Tang (Remove Painful Obstruction Decoction from Medical Revelations)

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  • Formulas that Promote Urination and Leach out Dampness

Possible Tongue Appearance:

  • Thick white tongue coat

Possible Pulse Patterns:

  • Slow, possibly slippery pulse

Cautions, Contraindications, Herb Drug Interactions:

  • This section is being researched, and is not completed.

Preparation Notes:

  • Decoction. Gui Zhi is usually substituted for Rou Gui.

Originally Appeared In:

  • Medical Revelations (Yi Xue Xin Wu)

Combined Channels of all herbs in this formula:

  • Kidneys, Bladder, Stomach, Gall Bladder, Liver, Spleen, Heart, Pericardium, Large Intestine

Substances in this Formula (11 Total):

Qiang Huo (Radix Et Rhizoma Notopterygii)
Qiang Huo (Notopterygium Root) 羌活
Qty: 6-9 grams
Chan: BL, KI
Prop: Spicy, Bitter, Aromatic, Warm
Latin: Radix Et Rhizoma Notopterygii
Cat: Warm, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior
Du Huo (Radix Angelicae Pubescentis)
Du Huo (Pubescent Angelica Root) 独活
Qty: 6-9 grams
Chan: KI, BL
Prop: Bitter, Spicy, Warm
Latin: Radix Angelicae Pubescentis
Cat: Herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness
Qin Jiao (Radix Gentianae Macrophyllae)
Qin Jiao (Gentiana Macrophylla Root) 秦艽
Qty: 6-9 grams
Chan: GB, LIV, ST
Prop: Bitter, Spicy, Slightly Cold
Latin: Radix Gentianae Macrophyllae
Cat: Herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness
Sang Zhi (Ramulus Mori Albae)
Sang Zhi (Mulberry Twig) 桑枝
Qty: 18-27 grams
Chan: LIV
Prop: Bitter, Sweet, Slightly Cold
Latin: Ramulus Mori Albae
Cat: Herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness
Hai Feng Teng (Caulis Piperis Futokadsurae)
Hai Feng Teng (Kadsura Stem) 海风藤
Qty: 18-27 grams
Chan: LIV, KI
Prop: Spicy, Bitter, Slightly Warm
Latin: Caulis Piperis Futokadsurae
Cat: Herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness
Dang Gui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis)
Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root) 当归
Qty: 18-27 grams
Chan: HT, LIV, SP
Prop: Sweet, Spicy, Bitter, Warm
Latin: Radix Angelicae Sinensis
Cat: Herbs that Tonify Blood
Chuan Xiong (Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong)
Chuan Xiong (Szechuan Lovage Root) 川芎
Qty: 4-6 grams
Chan: LIV, GB, PER
Prop: Spicy, Warm
Latin: Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong
Cat: Herbs that Invigorate Blood and Remove Stagnation
Ru Xiang (Resina Olibani)
Ru Xiang (Frankincense Resin) 乳香
Qty: 5-7 grams
Chan: HT, LIV, SP
Prop: Spicy, Bitter, Warm
Latin: Resina Olibani
Cat: Herbs that Invigorate Blood and Remove Stagnation
Mu Xiang (Radix Auklandiae Lappae)
Mu Xiang (Costus Root, Saussurea) 木香
Qty: 5-7 grams
Chan: GB, LI, SP, ST
Prop: Spicy, Bitter, Warm
Latin: Radix Auklandiae Lappae
Cat: Herbs that Regulate the Qi
Rou Gui (Cortex Cinnamomi Cassiae)
Rou Gui (Inner Bark of Saigon Cinnamon) 肉桂
Qty: 3-4.5 grams
Chan: HT, KI, LIV, SP
Prop: Spicy, Sweet, Hot
Latin: Cortex Cinnamomi Cassiae
Cat: Herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold
Zhi Gan Cao (Radix Glycyrrhizae)
Zhi Gan Cao (Honey Fried Licorice Root) 炙甘草
Qty: 3-4.5 grams
Chan: All 12 Channels
Prop: Sweet, Warm
Latin: Radix Glycyrrhizae
Cat: Herbs that Tonify Qi
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