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Ji Ming San (Cock's Crow Powder)

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  • Formulas that Promote Urination and Leach out Dampness

Cautions, Contraindications, Herb Drug Interactions:

  • This section is being researched, and is not completed.
  • This formula contains one or more toxic substances (while some Chinese herbs are toxic, it must be noted that many come prepared, or are combined, to mitigate their toxicity).

Preparation Notes:

  • Decoction. Decrease all dosages by about two thirds.

Originally Appeared In:

  • Effective Medical Formulas Arranged by Category by Doctor Zhu (Lei Bian Zhu Shi Ji Yan Yi Fang)

Combined Channels of all herbs in this formula:

  • Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Liver, Kidneys, Lungs

Substances in this Formula (7 Total):

Bing Lang (Semen Arecae Catechu)
Bing Lang (Betel Nut) 槟榔
Qty: 36-45 grams
Chan: LI, ST
Prop: Spicy, Bitter, Warm
Latin: Semen Arecae Catechu
Cat: Herbs that Expel Parasites
Mu Gua (Fructus Chaenomelis Lagenariae)
Mu Gua (Chinese Quince Fruit) 木瓜
Qty: 30 grams
Chan: LIV, SP
Prop: Sour, Slightly Warm
Latin: Fructus Chaenomelis Lagenariae
Cat: Herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness
Wu Zhu Yu (Fructus Evodiae Rutaecarpae)
Wu Zhu Yu (Evodia Fruit) 吴茱萸
Qty: 6 grams
Chan: KI, LIV, SP, ST
Prop: Spicy, Bitter, Hot, Slightly Toxic, Very Dry
Latin: Fructus Evodiae Rutaecarpae
Cat: Herbs that Warm the Interior and Expel Cold
Chen Pi (Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae)
Chen Pi (Orange Peel, Citrus Peel, Tangerine Peel) 陈皮
Qty: 30 grams
Chan: LU, SP, ST
Prop: Spicy, Bitter, Warm, Aromatic
Latin: Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae
Cat: Herbs that Regulate the Qi
Zi Su Ye (Perillae Folium)
Zi Su Ye (Perilla Leaf) 紫苏叶
Qty: 9 grams
Chan: LU, SP
Prop: Spicy, Aromatic, Warm
Latin: Perillae Folium
Cat: Warm, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior
Jie Geng (Platycodi Radix)
Jie Geng (Root of the Balloon Flower) 桔梗
Qty: 15 grams
Chan: LU (ST)
Prop: Bitter, Spicy, Neutral
Latin: Platycodi Radix
Cat: Warm Herbs that Transform Phlegm-Cold
Sheng Jiang (uncooked Rhizoma Zingiberis)
Sheng Jiang (Fresh Ginger Rhizome) 生姜
Qty: 15 grams
Chan: LU, SP, ST
Prop: Spicy, Warm
Latin: uncooked Rhizoma Zingiberis
Cat: Warm, Spicy Herbs that Release the Exterior

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