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Major Points Chart
TCM Channel Theory Qi Circulation Times Qi Circulation Path Extra Channels
Tx Methods
Nine Needle Warm Needle Moxibustion
Lung Channel Lg. Intestine Channel Stomach Channel Spleen Channel Heart Channel Small Intestine Bladder Channel Kidney Channel Pericardium Channel San Jiao Channel Gall Bladder Channel Liver Channel Ren Mai (Conception) Du Mai (Governing) The Extra Points

Liver Channel of Foot Jue Yin

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  • LIV-01 (Da Dun) Large Pile
    Acupuncture Point Element Jing-Well & Wood Point
  • LIV-02 (Xing Jian) Moving Between
    Acupuncture Point Element Ying-Spring & Fire Point
  • LIV-03 (Tai Chong) Great Surge
    Acupuncture Point Category Yuan (Source) Point
    Acupuncture Point Element Shu-Stream & Earth Point
    Acupuncture Point Type Ma Dan-yang Heavenly Star Point
  • LIV-04 (Zhong Feng) Mound Center
    Acupuncture Point Element Jing-River & Metal Point
  • LIV-05 (Li Gou) Woodworm Canal
    Acupuncture Point Category Luo (Connecting) Point
  • LIV-06 (Zhong Du) Central Metropolis
    Acupuncture Point Category Xi (Cleft) Point
  • LIV-07 (Xi Guan) Knee Joint
  • LIV-08 (Qu Quan) Spring at the Bend
    Acupuncture Point Element He-Sea & Water Point
  • LIV-09 (Yin Bao) Yin Bladder
  • LIV-10 (Zu Wu Li) Foot Five Li
  • LIV-11 (Yin Lian) Yin Corner
  • LIV-12 (Ji Mai) Urgent Pulse
  • LIV-13 (Zhang Men) Camphorwood Gate
    Acupuncture Point Type Hui-Meeting Point of the Zang, Meeting Point of the Liver and Gallbladder Channels
    Acupuncture Point Front Mu Front Mu of the Spleen
  • LIV-14 (Qi Men) Cycle Gate
    Acupuncture Point Type Meeting Point of the Liver and Spleen Channels with the Yin Linking Vessel
    Acupuncture Point Front Mu Front Mu of the Liver

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