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Acupuncture "The Kidneys store the Jing"
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Major Points Chart
TCM Channel Theory Qi Circulation Times Qi Circulation Path Extra Channels
Tx Methods
Nine Needle Warm Needle Moxibustion
Lung Channel Lg. Intestine Channel Stomach Channel Spleen Channel Heart Channel Small Intestine Bladder Channel Kidney Channel Pericardium Channel San Jiao Channel Gall Bladder Channel Liver Channel Ren Mai (Conception) Du Mai (Governing) The Extra Points

LI-04 (He Gu) Union Valley

Previous PointNext Point  Acupuncture Points on the Large Intestine Channel of Hand Yang Ming
  • Yuan (Source) Point
  • Gao Wu Command Point, Ma Dan-yang Heavenly Star Point

Common and Key Uses:

  • Headaches, expels Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat, releases the exterior, and clears the channels


  • Regulates the defensive Qi and adjusts sweating
  • Expels wind and releases the exterior
  • Regulates the face, eyes, nose, mouth and ears
  • Activates the channel and alleviates pain
  • Induces labor
  • Restores the yang


  • Headache, pain in the neck, redness, swelling and pain of the eye, epistaxis, nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, toothache, deafness, swelling of the face, sore throat, parotitis, trismus, facial paralysis, febrile diseases with anhidrosis, hidrosis, abdominal pain, dysentery, constipation, amenorrhea, delayed labor, infantile convulsion, pain, weakness and motor impairment of the upper limbs.


  • On the dorsum of the hand, between the first and second metacarpal bones, approximately in the middle of the second metacarpal bone on the radial side.

    Or, place in coincident position the transverse crease of the interphalangeal joint of the thumb with the margin of the web between the thumb and the index finger of the other hand. The point is where the tip of the thumb touches.
  • On the dorsum of the hand, between the first and second metacarpal bones, at the midpoint of the second metacarpal bone and close to its radial border.

    Ask the patient to squeeze the thumb against the base of the index finger, and locate Hegu L.I.-4 at the highest point of the bulge of the muscle and approximately level with the end of the crease.

Needling Method:

  • Puncture perpendicularly 0.5-0.8 inch. Moxibustion is applicable.

    Acupuncture on this point is contraindicated in pregnant women.

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