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TCM Channel Theory Qi Circulation Times Qi Circulation Path Extra Channels
Tx Methods
Nine Needle Warm Needle Moxibustion
Lung Channel Lg. Intestine Channel Stomach Channel Spleen Channel Heart Channel Small Intestine Bladder Channel Kidney Channel Pericardium Channel San Jiao Channel Gall Bladder Channel Liver Channel Ren Mai (Conception) Du Mai (Governing) The Extra Points

Ba Xie (On the Hand) Eight Pathogens, Eight Ghosts, Eight Evils

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  • Excessive heat, finger numbness, spasm & contracture of the fingers, redness & swelling of the dorsum of hand


  • When the hand is made into a fist, six of these points lie in the depressions between the metacarpal heads, proximal to the web margins. The remaining two points lie equidistant between the thumb and index metacarpals, proximal to the web margins.

Needling Method:

  • Perpendicular insertion along the line between the shafts of the metacarpal bones, 0.5 to 1 cun.

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